Medical Missionaries January 2023

Happy New Year!  Thank you for all those that answered Dr. Irwin’s call to give.  Your donations allow Medical Missionaries to continue to run its many programs in the US and around the world.

This month we celebrated Haitian Independence Day as well as Martin Luther King Day. At St. Joseph Clinic we saw our first cases of Cholera and later this month a group of medical professionals and volunteers are going to the Dominican Republic to provide healthcare to the needy. Read about these and more in this month’s newsletter.

A Special Thank You!

Thank you to all who contributed to and supported the Holiday Drive for the Rocklick Community in Grundy, Va!

Below are scenes from the Holiday Celebration at Rocklick Pantry!  Santa presented the children with their gifts. 

The community is grateful for the generous donations of our donors.

Super Bowl Squares!

Join us in playing football squares to support Medical Missionaries! 50% of the proceeds collected will go to Medical Missionaries to support programming in 2023 including funding St. Joseph Clinic in Haiti, stocking Grundy food pantry and supplying medical equipment and supplies to those in need locally, regionally and internationally. The other 50% will be distributed among the winners.

Visit our instructions page for more information and to win.

Haiti Update

Things are difficult in Haiti. The government is non-existent, and gangs rule parts of the country. Still, in Thomassique, the clinic staff do what they can to provide healthcare and support for each other. In December, the staff had a holiday party. They made some typical Haitian dishes (pictured below), had drinks and music.

In more serious news, the clinic has been treating Cholera cases. Since the beginning of the year there have been 90 people seen with cholera. 13 were still at St. Joseph Clinic as of January 18. 70 have returned home cured, but sadly 2 people died. Adults with cholera are being treated with doxycycline and children with erythromycin.

Due to drought and general dysfunction in Haiti, public water is only available a few times per week. People will save water at those times in containers, and then use the water until it is available again.

Medical Missionaries sent 102 boxes of medicines, medical supplies and other items to St. Joseph Clinic in November, through Food for the Poor in Cap Haitien. The Clinic staff will have access to the container by the end of the month

Medical Missionaries Team Visits the Dominican Republic

A team of 11 volunteers, led by Dr. George Bazaco, traveled to the Dominican Republic (DR) on January 27th. Medical Missionaries volunteers filled suitcases and duffle bags with medicines and other equipment that will be used as they hold medical clinics in western DR. The group plans to meet up with our staff from St. Joseph Clinic in Thomassique, Haiti and hand off needed medical supplies.

The current political vacuum in Haiti is preventing the team from visiting Haiti, though we expect for some Haitians to come across the border for the medical clinics. We wish the team safe travels and success. We will be sharing their stories at our website

Supplies and Equipment In and Out

Local needs and distribution: We are fortunate to receive donations daily. Our donors come from many backgrounds and have many stories to share with us. They are happy to know that their donations are being shipped locally, within the United States and overseas.

Request for Food from the Rocklick Food Pantry in Grundy: The new year is here and the appeal for food remains urgent. The Rocklick Pantry is in particular need of canned vegetables which have become very expensive along with cooking oil. They are also requesting baby items such as diapers, formula and baby food.  Of course they welcome all donations of non-perishable food.

Hygiene Supplies Are Still Needed!  We packed up the donated supplies that were in the office so our supply is low. Hygiene packs are used locally, sent to Native Reservations, Appalachia or on containers overseas.  We are currently in need of:

  • Washcloths
  • Dental floss
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste.
  • Run a Hygiene Project  with your friends.  Send email to, or call us at 703-335-1800 and we can help you get started.
Aaron from Abundant Life Church in Winchester Va, dropping off PPE.
Aaron from Abundant Life Church in Winchester Va, dropping off PPE.

 Winchester Va.: A large donation of PPE (gowns, caps, surgical garb, sanitizer, etc.) was delivered to our office on January 20th from the Abundant Life Church in Winchester Va.  Thank you Aaron and Lauren for bringing the boxes to our office!  Many of the boxes were added to a container recently sent to Nigeria.

Echo dropping off supplies.
Echo dropping off supplies.

ECHO: Our partners at ECHO came by in their shiny new van on December 30th with medical supplies and equipment and on January 25th with much needed food.

Nigeria: Medical Missionaries collected  medical supplies and equipment donations which were packed in a container bound for Nigeria on January 28th.

Cameroon: Medical Missionaries donated 10 boxes of medical supplies bound for Cameroon, thanks to Dr. Chenehu.

Cameroon: A team of volunteers including the Bali Nyonga Sisters International Inc. (BANSI) gathered at our warehouse on January 3rd to pack a container bound for Cameroon.  The shipment included 15 hospital beds, hundreds of walkers, commodes, crutches, shower chairs, etc. along with many boxes of medical supplies. We look forward to future collaboration with this wonderful group!

It’s Good News!

Choctaw Nation: Dr. Irwin recently received a phone call from a community member of Choctaw Nation in Western Tennessee to say again how much the donations sent last summer were so appreciated and all put to good use! Medical Missionaries has made a donation for a repair project to one of their community buildings.

Is there a doctor in the house? We were excited to have three of our doctors at the office visiting for the holidays!  The three board members include Dr. Kornetsky who manages St. Joseph Clinic from afar.  In the center we have Dr Snyder, who has been an active supporter of St. Joseph Clinic. Dr Irwin whose tireless energy keeps Medical Missionaries helping the poorest of the poor.

Dr. Kornetsky, Dr. Snyder and Dr. Irwin
Dr. Kornetsky, Dr. Snyder and Dr. Irwin

Support Medical Missionaries mission of helping the poorest of the poor.

You can help Medical Missionaries by donating money, donating supplies or volunteeringMany hands make light work. We thank you for your support!

Medical Missionaries May 2024

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