St. Joseph Clinic Staff

St. Joseph Clinic has a dedicated staff of professionals that run all aspects of the clinic.   Medical Missionaries organization in conjunction with our Fellows, Kyra and Logan, support the Clinic in providing care for thousands of patients.

Clinic Manager

Responsible for overseeing St. Joseph Clinic operations and maintenance of the facilities. He also works closely with the Doctors and Pharmacist to ensure that the Pharmacy is stocked with medications and supplies.

Junior Charles Saint-Fleur


St. Joseph Clinic doctors provide general consultations during the week and are on-call in the Emergency Room 24/7. One doctor also attends a Mobile Clinics every Wednesday to care for patients who live in the outlying villages.

Dr Franck


Dr. Donald Denizard

Chronic Desease Treatment Program Director

Social Service Doctors

St. Joseph Clinic provides the ability for recently graduated Haitian doctors to spend one year of residency at our clinic.

Dr Claudie Louine
Dr. Claudy Louiné

Social Service Doctor

Dr Rose Joanna NORPELUS
Dr Rose Joanna Norpelus

Social Services Doctor


St. Joseph Clinic nurses assist with triage, the Chronic Disease Treatment Program (CDTP) and are always available in the ER. A nurse will also travel with the provider team on Mobile Clinic days to assist with triage and the pharmacy. 

Mis Ponise Philogene
Mis Judith Acinthe
Mis Oldine Lucien
Mis Loradin Solane
Mis Lovely Appolon

Maternity Nurse


St. Joseph Clinic midwives provide antenatal care to women living in the Thomassique region. They are available for prenatal and postnatal visits during the week, and are always on-call for deliveries. One midwife participates in the Mobile Clinic every week to provide prenatal care to the women living in the outlying villages.

Mis Judith Charlotin
Mis Wilna Bastia
Mis Bellot Chena

Nutrition, Lab and Pharmacy

St. Joseph Clinic operates a malnutrition program, a lab and pharmacy in order to meet the needs of all the patients who come to the Clinic seeking care.

Wilner Osse

Malnutrition Program Director

Elizabeth Jean Baptiste

Lab Technician

Gabriel Saintilmond


Clanise Estiverne

Pharmacy Technician


St. Joseph Clinic has a team of archivists who are responsible for keeping over 70,000 patient records organized and available for review. The team is also responsible for inputing some patient information into the computer.

Nelio Etienne

Data Clerk

Jean-Baptiste Wilkens


Jean Wilfred


Jean Wilfred


Djimmy Deribert

Epidemiology Surveillance Officer


St. Joseph Clinic security guards are responsible for monitoring patient flow and collecting Clinic fees. Furthermore, they also help maintain the plumbing and electrical systems.

Jonel Fleurimond
Jean Robert Jean Pierre

Cleaning and Maintenance

St. Joseph Clinic has a maintenance crew available at all times to keep the ER, maternity unit and consultation rooms clean for patient use. They also help with Clinic ground upkeep.

Wilson Marcellus


Antionette Pharnord


Sincilia Pierre


Lidianna Dubuisson


Denostin Lucmise



St. Joseph Clinic kitchen staff cooks two meals everyday for the staff members living in the residence. 

Actionne Fautime

Kitchen Assistant

Ti Tato Apollon

Kitchen Assistant

Wisly Felix

Kitchen Assitant

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