2023 Medical Mission: Banica Day 4

Day 4 started with an early wake up and a long drive.  The team headed out early for Bartolo this morning, which is in the interior, high mountains.  No internet, no cell service.  The team will stay here overnight.

The team was split in half (half went to La Penia and half went to Sierrecita) thereby allowing us to establish two clinic sites in this remote region.  Splitting the team can be a nightmare logistically as it requires us to split the pharmacy supplies and meds equally under the assumption that we will see the same number of patients, with the same aliments, requiring the same amounts and kinds of medicines — never a good assumption it seems.

Last time a team supported by Medical Missionaries was in Bartolo last was in November 2019.  The La Penia patient count was 67 and the Sara Seeta count was 47 for a total count of 114 for the day.  Since we began, the team has seen 362 total patients.

We were joined by two local doctors for our trip to Bartolo.  One of our local doctors suffered what appeared to be a cardiac issue once we returned to Bartolo.  After he was stabilized a decision was made to transport him overland back to the city of San Juan despite it being dark.  Driving the paths that pass for roads here in the mountains is scary in and by itself; in the dark it is outright dangerous.

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