2023 Medical Mission: Banica Day 3

Today the team split up, with roughly half going to El Morro while the rest of us established a clinic at Pedro Santana.

Pedro Santana is a city located in the northern part of the Dajabon Province just north of Banica sitting on the Artibonite River (as does Banica) which forms part of the international border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  The city has a a population of 4,875. The municipality was named for the Dominican politician and soldier (1801-1864) who was the first constitutional president of the Dominican Republic.   El Morro is a hamlet in the mountains.

Quite a number of Haitian patients today for the first time since our arrival here in the DR.  At Pedro Santana we saw 95 patients and at El Morro the team saw 70 patients, for a total patient count today of 165. Adding in yesterday’s patient count, the team has seen 248.

Tomorrow we relocate up into the interior, a town named Bartolo for two clinics and an overnight.

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2023 Medical Mission: Banica Day 7

Day 7 is the last day of clinics. The team will have seen over 780 patients over the last 6 days of clinics, and handed out thousands of prescribed and over the counter pharmaceuticals.

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