Medical Missionaries, a non-profit organization, is a volunteer group of more than 200 doctors, nurses, dentists, and others who work to improve the health of the poorest of the poor in the U.S. and throughout the world. We provide medical care and medical supplies, clothing and food to the areas we serve.

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Did you know that one in five children in Haiti are malnourished, and one in fourteen will die before reaching the age of five?*

Arm measurement determines amount of Medika Mamba needed.
Child eating Medika Mamba

Childhood malnutrition is a serious problem in Haiti’s Central Plateau, where St. Joseph Clinic is located.

Our Medika Mamba Program is working to reverse this heartbreaking situation by providing a nutritional supplement that restores 90% of severely malnourished children to health in two to three months.  Although the Haitian government provides St. Joseph Clinic with a small amount of Medika Mamba supplements, they do not provide us with enough to treat all of the malnourished kids in the program, and it is not uncommon to go weeks without this essential supplement.  We need your help to keep this critical program running!

*Med & Food for Kids

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Holiday Message 2018

To all Volunteers, Donors, & Supporters of Medical Missionaries, Happy Holidays from Medical Missionaries.  Another year is coming rapidly to a close, but you can

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The Story of Medical Missionaries

This video, produced to celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2017, features interviews with our founder Dr. Gil Irwin, and numerous doctors, nurses, and other volunteers who share their time and skills to serve the poor

These commemorative books celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2017, with our history, and stories from Founder President Dr. Gil Irwin, and other volunteers.  Learn more, and order your books now!

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