Medical Missionaries April 2024

 Medical Missionaries Caring Hearts Online Auction is LIVE!

Join us in making a difference in the lives of thousands! This crucial fundraiser supports vital programs, including:

  • St. Joseph Clinic, providing primary healthcare to over 150,000 Haitians
  • International projects in Africa, Ukraine and elsewhere
  • Various initiatives in the US

and explore over 65 amazing items up for grabs! From unique experiences to exclusive items, there’s something for everyone!

Breadfruit Trees and More!

St. Joseph Clinic began a breadfruit tree program years ago. Breadfruit trees grow relatively easily in Haiti. When cooked, the fruit has a texture similar to freshly baked bread and a potato-like flavor. In Haiti, the communities use the breadfruit fruit to eat and make flour. Our website has several posts on our efforts over time, including a published paper on combating malnutrition with breadfruit.

St. Joseph Clinic has distributed over 800 trees across the communities it supports. In time, each tree will be able to produce 400 fruits of more than 1 pound each.

As you have seen in the news, violence and political uncertainty continue in Haiti. Port-au-Prince is extremely dangerous and relatively inaccessible due to gangs setting up roadblocks and demanding payments to secure safety.

Our St. Joseph Clinic manager stated that villagers aggressively defend their villages against gangs.  So, even though there are only 5 national policemen serving 150,000 people in the region, the region has remained relatively safe.

Supplies and Equipment In and Out

Clifton Presbyterian Church Needlepoint Ministry: The Clifton Presbyterian Church Needlepoint Ministry made these beautiful infant hats. They were hand delivered by Pat who engages in this ministry with Nancy. Nancy has been creating these lovely hats for our Mommy and Baby Packs for many years. Medical Missionaries is very grateful for this ongoing partnership.

NOVA dropped off baby diapers.
NOVA dropped off baby diapers.

NOVA Diaper Bank: The NOVA Diaper Bank, whose main mission is collecting baby diapers, donated adult hygiene products to Medical Missionaries. We are grateful for their partnership!

Not Just Tourists: Medical Missionaries was pleased to meet Julia. Julia was planning a trip to Cuba and contacted “Not Just Tourists” who advised her that she could bring medical supplies in a suitcase to be donated to a local medical clinic. After contacting Medical Missionaries, she came to the Manassas office and picked up enough supplies to fill her suitcase.

Julia emailed us that she arrived safely in Cuba and donated the suitcase to a the local clinic. In addition, she was able to bring along a wheelchair we gave her, which the airline allowed her to check with no questions asked! Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Ukraine: Medical Missionaries donated a sonogram machine that the Traveling Colonels are transporting to Ukraine via Poland. It has already been claimed by a gynecology clinic there! As soon as Col. Monte accepts the donations from our office, he emails his contacts in Ukraine so that they can plan for what will be arriving soon in-country.

Delivery for Rocklick Pantry

Grundy, Va.  On April 11th, our volunteers Greg and George drove the food trailer to Roanoke, VA.  There, they met the Rocklick Pantry team and loaded up the food to be transported in the pantry truck.  

If you are able to donate non-perishable food for this project, please stop by the Manassas office.  We are always in need of food and are so grateful for those who stop by with generous donations of food items.  The next trip will be in mid-May.  We also welcome donations via Amazo

Cameroon:  Our partner Elisabeth M. Mofor, the founder of the Living Alternatives for the Aging (LAFTA) in Yaounde, Cameroon, sent us this moving video of the inauguration of her project in January 2024.  The festivities included over 3,000 gifts for the elders in the area that were so beautifully presented!  She truly treats her elders with such dignity.

To Medical Missionaries donors, you can see that every donation you give is repurposed and finds new life in the most wonderful ways!

Local Pick up/Drop off: Many people stop by our Manassas office everyday. We are open Monday through Saturday 8 am to noon. We have a truck outside that is used for drop-offs or pick-ups 24/7.

In April, 73 donors dropped off donations, and 41 local recipients stopped by to pick up needed equipment/supplies. For many, this is their only outlet for medical equipment and supplies.

Medical Missionaries keeps a list of items that we accept. Food items are in high demand. Medical supplies are repurposed and help local and world communities.

Support Medical Missionaries mission of helping the poorest of the poor.

You can help Medical Missionaries by donating money, donating supplies or volunteeringMany hands make light work. We thank you for your support!

Medical Missionaries May 2024

May flowers were blooming and Medical Missionaries was busy with the Caring Hearts Auction, sent containers overseas, partnered with other hospitals in Haiti — and that is only a taste. Read the rest in our newsletter.

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