Ways to Support Medical Missionaries

From the desk of the President

Medical Missionaries is 25 years old!  Thousands of pounds of food and supplies given out in the US, hundreds of containers sent overseas, built and continue to run St. Joseph Clinic in Haiti where hundreds of people are seen every month and thousands of children have been born.  All of this has been possible because of our amazing volunteers and your donations.

As we embark on the next 25, I want to share opportunities that exist to help support our organization.  We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is 100% volunteer.  There are no salaried positions.  We are proud to be good stewards of your donations as we use those monies to support the different programs.

Thank you for your support in helping the Poorest of the Poor.

Matching gifts

A simple way to extend a monetary donation is to receive a company match.  Many companies have programs where they match donations that their employees make up to a certain amount.  Follow these steps in order to take advantage of these programs:

  • Reach out to HR to see if a “matching gifts” program exists.
  • If Medical Missionaries is not configured as a recipient organization, send us an email (info@medicalmissionaries.org) and we will do the leg work to have ourselves added.
  • Donate, and your company will match!

Monthly Donations

Monetary donations are always welcome, appreciated and needed!  We realize that for some of our supporters it is easier to budget a smaller amount every month than one large donation.  Our donation collection system supports the ability for recurring monthly donations.  Please consider this method of donating.


Medical Missionaries accepts checks!  In fact we accept any type of monetary donation. You can drop the check off at our office or mail it.  Our address is:

Medical Missionaries, Inc.
9590 Surveyor Court
Manassas, VA 20110


Making a legacy gift to Medical Missionaries is an easy way to ensure your support endures long into the future.  

A legacy gift typically refers to a gift that requires estate and/or financial planning.  You can update your estate or financial plans to include Medical Missionaries as a beneficiary of your will, trust, retirement plan, or life insurance plan.  Please reach out to our office to discuss possibilities.

Donor-Advised Fund

Donor advised funds are an investment vehicle that allow donors to donate in a tax-advantaged way.  If you have a donor-advised fund with Fidelity Charitable, Schwab Charitable or other financial institution please consider supporting Medical Missionaries as part of your overall charitable giving plan. 

Reach out to us so that we can make sure that Medical Missionaries is available as a recipient organization for whichever donor-advised fund you select.

Gifts based on purchases

The easiest way to give is to give without even thinking about it!  There are companies that will give or match money to non-profit organizations based on how much you spend with them.  We currently partner with Amazon for the Amazon Smile program.

If you purchase items using Amazon, then you should use their https://smile.amazon.com address. https://smile.amazon.com has the same products and items cost exactly the same as in amazon.com.  However, by using smile.amazon.com, Amazon will donate a small percentage of what you spend to a non-profit organization at no cost to you.  To use Amazon Smile:

  1. Login to your Amazon account.
  2. Then visit https://smile.amazon.com/ch/54-1990595, which will set your account to donate to Medical Missionaries.
  3. From then on, whenever you want to shop at Amazon, just visit to https://smile.amazon.com
  4. You can see which organization you are currently donating to on the top left hand corner of your browser

Social Media

One of the ways for Medical Missionaries to be more successful is for more people to know about the work that we do.  We can use your help getting our word out on social media.  Follow and then share our posts on Facebook and Instagram and help us reach more people.

Sharing on Facebook is easy.

When you see one of our posts that you find interesting click on the “like” and then click on the “share” button!

Follow and like on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/medicalmissionaries

Join our mailing list to stay up to date on how Medical Missionaries is helping the world community.


The lifeblood of any organization are its people.  Medical Missionaries’ community is a large, hard working community of unsung heroes.  We pride ourselves on the work that the organization has accomplished and are always looking for more volunteers.

Our monthly Newsletters highlight the breadth and scope of the programs that we support.  As always, we are looking for more help.  Check out our volunteer page to see what you would like to volunteer for.  Then, fill out the interest web page and we will contact you.

Warehouse Space

Warehouse space in Northern Virginia is near the top of the list of items on our wishlist.  Preferably, we would prefer that space to be near Manassas.  We currently use a few containers on land that we rent from a trucking company as warehouse space.  Reach out to our office at (703) 335-1800 if you have any leads on a company that would be interested in donating warehouse space to us.


Medical Missionaries partners with different schools to great success for projects and fundraisers. Fundraisers have included

  • Collecting supplies (canned goods, dental care supplies, baby blankets, etc)
  • Projects (Fill containers, help with mailings, etc)

Reach out to our office to plan a short or long term project.

Partnership opportunities

Medical Missionaries has recently announced a new program to highlight corporate and other partnerships.  Visit our Partnership web page to find out more information.


Support Medical Missionaries mission of helping the poorest of the poor.

You can help Medical Missionaries by donating money, donating supplies or volunteeringMany hands make light work. We thank you for your support!

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