Medical Missionaries October 2023

The Fall Festival at Windy Knoll Farm was an incredible success! A huge thank you to everyone who contributed by joining in for a day of fun, purchasing raffles or 50/50 tickets, participating in the silent and live auctions, and generously donating in celebration of the event. With the support of 114 attendees, we were able to raise vital funds for various projects and individuals in need.

October was a busy month and you can read some of the details below.  We love sharing our daily “work life” on Facebook! Please follow us there.

We have updates on the container sent to Cameroon, the many organizations who came in with donations, and Nurse Practitioner Judy Corcoran’s medical trip to Rwanda. We also want to thank those who gave feedback which allowed Medical Missionaries to receive the 2023 Top-Rated GreatNonProfits Badge! This feedback lets other people know about Medical Missionaries. The larger the community, the more we can help.

Finally, we are especially excited to let you know that Dr. Irwin received the 2023 Bishop Paul S. Loverde Missionary Award for Selfless Service!

Dr. Irwin Honored with Bishop Loverde Missionary Award for Selfless Service

Dr. Gil Irwin, Founder and President of Medical Missionaries, was honored on October 20th by Commissioned by Christ at St. Luke’s Catholic Church, McLean, Va. He was awarded the 2023 Bishop Paul S. Loverde Missionary Award for Selfless Service. It was a joy to see him honored by the many priests who have been so instrumental in supporting the work of Medical Missionaries. Fr. Lee Roos, Fr. Cilinski, Fr. Jack O’Hara, Fr. Pedro, Fr. Workman, Fr. Posey and of course, Bishop Loverde, were all there to cheer him on.

Medical Missionaries is very proud of Dr. Irwin’s commitment, vision and leadership everyday.

Dr. Irwin thanks all the volunteers, donors and supporters that make this charity possible

Haiti Updates

The border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic is still generally closed. Our staff reports that St. Joseph Clinic is doing well. The instability and violence that persists in Port-au-Prince has so far stayed away from our region in the Central Plateau.

The solar panels installed at the Clinic continue to function effectively, providing electricity to specific areas within the facility. Sadly, the main power grid supplies electricity only sporadically, if at all. Water availability has been consistent, particularly during the rainy season. The Clinic has systems in place to store rainwater and utilize municipal water when accessible.

We are delighted to share that the Clinic witnessed over 50 births in October. However, we are currently treating four patients affected by cholera. The Clinic’s efforts in treating cholera have been commendable, with no cholera-related deaths reported since the beginning of this year.

Medical Missionaries' Annual Fall Festival Was a Big Success!

Medical Missionaries recently organized a heartwarming gathering and fundraising event at Windy Knoll Farm in Nokesville, Va. On Saturday, October 21st, friends and family joined in to support the cause. The day was filled with delicious food from Mission BBQ, a selection of wines from Doukenie Winery and various beverages.

Numerous performances added to the event’s charm, including the soulful melodies and captivating stories from Appalachia, delivered by the talented musical guest, Pat Skeens from Grundy, Va. Everyone was so happy to meet Pat and her husband Jerry in person!

Additionally, Miranda from W.I.L.D. led some lively line dancing, while Dr. Irwin delighted the guests with piano tunes. Mo Barrett managed the live auction, and ensured an engaging and spirited atmosphere throughout the day.

The support and contributions from all who attended to celebrate and donate to Medical Missionaries are deeply appreciated. A special thank you to Don and Helen Taylor for graciously hosting the event at their beautiful Windy Knoll Farm! The tractor ride was a hit among both kids and adults alike!

2023 Holiday Drive for Grundy, Virginia

Food and Toy drive Our Manassas office is collecting holiday food for the Rocklick Food  Pantry in Grundy, Va. Requested and appreciated items include:

  • Boxed stuffing, potatoes, dessert and biscuit items
  • Canned cranberry sauce and vegetables
  • Canned hams (turkeys are hard to come by in the area)

If you can donate food, a new toy, a gift card, or a gift please let us know. We are especially in need of gifts for teenagers such as boxed book sets, makeup or other cosmetic items, and other appropriate gifts for that age group. Items can be dropped off at the Manassas office or ordered on Amazon to be shipped to 9590 Surveyor Court in Manassas.

We will be driving supplies to the Rocklick Food Pantry on November 16th and December 15th.

The Rocklick Food Pantry  will be doing their holiday toy distribution for kids on December 16th and the holiday food distribution on December 22nd.

Please be generous, especially as the holidays approach. We are always ready to accept non-perishable food at our Manassas office. Let us know if you are interested in running a food drive; we would be happy to help you set one up!

Supplies and Equipment In and Out

Ukraine: Ret. Marine Col. Monte Dunard has asked the Manassas Office to continue to collect dressings, blood pressure machines, boxes of gloves and other supplies forthe pallets of medical supplies he collects for Ukraine.

Filling Container for Cameroon.Cameroon: On a lovely Saturday morning in early October, volunteers and our “super packers” gathered at the Medical Missionaries’ Balls Ford Road warehouse. There we packed a 40- foot sea container which will travel through the Baltimore port on its way to people in the Eastern part of Cameroon. Thanks to our organized crew we were done in under 3 hours!

Rwanda: Judy Corcoran, NP is a long-time volunteer with Medical Missionaries. The Manassas team helped Judy pack up medical supplies for her recent trip to Rwanda in Central Africa. Here is her story:

Our team consisted of nine people from the US, Rwandan medical staff, lab technicians and pharmacists. Additionally, five Rwandan medical students served as our translators.

Once in country we traveled 4 hours outside the capital of Kigali to the village of Nyamagabe, which is located 6,000 ft. in the mountains in the Southwest sector of Rwanda. A substantial portion of this village’s population suffered and died in the 1994 Genocide and remains one of the poorest regions in Rwanda.

A government health facility provided our team with six rooms so that we could focus on providing care in Pediatrics, Women’s and Men’s Health, Laboratory, Pharmacy and Triage.

Every morning 200-300 villagers were waiting to be seen. While they were waiting they enjoyed worshipping in song, word and faith. Each villager was followed up by a visit from a local Pastor. While they enjoyed both music and preaching, team members would greet them. A chart would be developed for each person so that they could be triaged and then assigned to the appropriate clinic area that could address their needs. In 5 days of clinics, our team assessed and treated over 1,149 people.

I served in the Pediatric Clinic along with another Nurse and our Rwandan translators, Grace and Bella. We saw high numbers of skin diseases including tinea, scabies, fungal infections and amoeba intestinal parasites. Several significant health issues were observed including Cerebral Palsy (attributed to trauma at birth), abandoned children and Downs Syndrome. We transferred critically ill children to the local hospital for further testing, evaluation and treatment.

In a show of support for our work, village leaders such as the Vice Mayor and the Director of Health visited our clinic.

The week was awesome! I loved working alongside our Rwandan colleagues and seeing lives transformed, both physically and spiritually. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity which only became reality because of so many who prayed and provided financial support and other gifts and supplies. Thank You!

MESS (Medical Equipment and Support Supplies) Ashburn, Va, ECHO and the Knights of Columbus, St. Veronica’s Church in Chantilly, Va. came to the Manassas office with medical equipment and supplies, including food from ECHO.

Rocklick Food Pantry, Grundy, Va: The Medical Missionaries truck, fondly known as the Beast, drove to Roanoke, Va. on October 17th to meet the folks from the Pantry. The trailer was packed with non-perishable food for the Rocklick Food Pantry and gifts that we have been collecting for the Grundy Holiday Gift Drive.

We are very thankful for friends such as Debra and her women’s group, Carolyn L, Desi and George, Dan, Bill and Sherry and so many others who stop in to bring items that the Rocklick Pantry needs. We are also grateful to volunteers like Jonathan, Bob and Justin who helped packed the Beast for the trip.

Local Community: The Manassas office is open six days a week. Everyday cars, vans and trucks stop by to bring us medical equipment and supplies, which are used for the local community as well as for shipments to other countries. Our donations for local people in need has increased. These supplies come in at a steady pace, are packaged, labeled and stored for distribution. But our most critical need continues to be non-perishable food, for the Rocklick Food Pantry.

Community Volunteers: We are very grateful for the volunteers who help us keep the office open and busy. A special welcome to Desi and George, who are helping with the Grundy Holiday Food canned ham donations and have offered to drive the trailer to Roanoke for the Rocklick Pantry run.

Community Outreach

The United Methodist Men (UMM) cooked and served a delicious dinner.
The United Methodist Men (UMM) cooked and served a delicious dinner.

Medical Missionaries was hosted by the United Women in Faith (UWF) of the St. John’s United Methodist Church in Springfield, Va. at their recent Harvest Banquet. The United Methodist Men (UMM) cooked and served a delicious dinner for all the ladies!

The theme for the evening’s program was “Helping the Poorest of the Poor: Medical Missionaries.” The ladies and men were an attentive and interested audience as the Medical Missionaries team shared their stories with them and answered their questions. The UWF mission project is in conjunction with the church-wide mission in supporting Medical Missionaries in October.

We are so grateful for their generosity of time, interest and donations of food, medical supplies and monetary giving. Medical Missionaries is very honored to partner with this compassionate and giving community.

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