Medical Missionaries April 2023 

April showers bring May flowers, and this month they also herald the launch of our 2023 Caring Hearts Online Auction! This exciting event is now live, and we can’t wait for you to participate.

In celebration of National Volunteer Month, we took the opportunity to highlight our dedicated volunteers on the Medical Missionaries Facebook page. Don’t miss their inspiring stories  showcasing the wide range of individuals who contribute, from newcomers to long-time supporters. Thanks to these amazing volunteers, we’re able to reach more people in need  both locally and internationally.

This month, we also acknowledged the significance of World Immunization Week and wished everyone a Happy Earth Day! In this edition of our newsletter, you’ll find updates on our work in Haiti, supplies and equipment sent to Cameroon, and our collaboration with a new partner, Los Ninos de Maria. Most importantly, don’t forget to check out our 2023 Caring Hearts Online Auction, which is now live and awaiting your bids!

Local Support

Medical Missionaries is grateful for the daily donations and support received from its many supporters.  Check our website for the latest list of items that we need!

Medical Missionaries has partnered with the Georgetown South Community, providing them with essential baby and hygiene products, adult diapers, and medical supplies and equipment as needed.

One of our generous volunteers, Michelle, recently stopped by our office with donations of coats and toys. She researched sales at Costco online and donated over 20 brand-new children’s coats with matching hats, as well as 20 sets of Matchbox cars! These wonderful donations will soon be on their way to the Grundy Holiday Drive.

Michele purchased jackets and dropped them off at Medical Missionaries
Brand new jackets for Rocklick Pantry
Very generous donor dropping of jackets.
Brand new jackets for the needy.
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Dr Claudie Louine
Dr Rose Joanna Norpleus
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St. Joseph Clinic Update

We are delighted to announce that St. Joseph Clinic in Haiti has welcomed two new social doctors to its team this April. In Haiti, recently graduated doctors are often referred to as “social doctors.” You can find photos of the rest of the clinic staff on our website.

The Haitian Ministry of Health (MSPP) is also contributing to the clinic’s efforts by sending two nurses – one for a three month period and the other for six months. These nurses will enhance the clinic’s staff capacity, with one of them being a supervisory nurse who will assist with instruction at St. Joseph Clinic and other clinics in the region.

Haiti is experiencing a challenging period in its history, with ongoing political uncertainty that has persisted for the last few years. Consequently, many basic services such as water and electricity are barely functional. Despite these difficulties, St. Joseph Clinic continues to provide vital healthcare services to thousands of patients every month.

Caring Hearts Online Auction Fundraiser

We are excited to announce that our Annual Caring Hearts Online Auction is now live! You can view and bid on items until noon on Sunday May 14th!

Supplies and Equipment In and Out

Dominican Republic: Our new partner, Rhadames Avila from Los Ninos de Maria, stopped by with his truck to load equipment that will be used for an orphanage project in the Dominican Republic.


Rocklick Food Pantry: This month, our dedicated volunteer, JD Dominicis, went above and beyond by driving his truck and pulling our trailer filled with food and other essentials all the way to Grundy, Virginia. The journey took him 8 hours each way, and we are incredibly grateful for his outstanding effort. The folks at Rocklick were delighted to see him, and he shared an update upon returning to the office.

JD reported that the area is experiencing increasing economic challenges, with more local businesses closing down. As a result, the pantry is now actively supporting a growing number of families, with the count reaching 500. We are grateful for volunteers like JD who make a real difference in the lives of those in need.

Native American Reservation Trip: Dr. Irwin has established a connection with the Monacan Indian Nation, located near Lexington, Virginia, and is planning to drive “the Beast” for a visit in May. We are presently gathering sporting equipment, educational supplies, new school clothing, and other apparel and hygiene products to bring with us. Please get in touch by sending email to or call (703) 335-1800 if you’re interested in contributing.

Sports equipment for Monacan Indian Nation, near Lexington Virginia
Donated sports equipment.
Sports equipment to be handed out.
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Stafford County Lions Club: Our dedicated Lions team, Bud, Sharon and Karen, stopped by twice this month with donations of food, supplies and even a hospital bed! This group is truly devoted to gathering valuable contributions for our ongoing projects.

Cameroon: This month, our hardworking volunteers loaded a 40-foot sea container at our Balls Ford Warehouse. The shipment is en route to a new hospital being constructed under the guidance of Bishop Andrew Nkea in Cameroon. Take a look at our volunteers expertly completing the loading process in a mere 2 hours!

Support Medical Missionaries mission of helping the poorest of the poor.

You can help Medical Missionaries by donating money, donating supplies or volunteeringMany hands make light work. We thank you for your support!

Medical Missionaries May 2024

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