Annual Report 2023

Annual Report 2023

Medical Missionaries  2023 Annual Report


Medical Missionaries began 26 years ago as a mission to help the Poorest of the Poor, those without health coverage or insurance, those suffering from food insecurity, those at risk for a number of reasons. The volunteer staff continue to be dedicated not only to those in the local community of Northern Virginia but also throughout the United States and the world.




Shipped 40 foot sea containers filled with medical equipment and supplies to Cameroon, Haiti, Hondoras, Nigeria, and Democratic Republic of the Congo.



Made 11 trips to the Appalachian area of Grundy, Va. to supply food to the Rocklick Food Pantry in additional to supporting their annual Holiday Drive.



Every month, Matwons trained by St. Joseph Clinic staff assist with 200 home births and the clinic delivers 40 babies.



St. Joseph Clinic serves 125.000 people in Thomassique, Haiti and surrounding villages.


Medical Missionaries is a small organization with no paid employees.  Below are items accomplished in 2023.

Shipped six 40 foot sea containers to Honduras, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti and Cameroon.

Delivered education supplies, hygiene items and sports equipment to the Monacan Indian Nation in Virginia.

Donated medical supplies and equipment for projects in the Philippines, Ukraine, Rwanda.

Helping to build a new Clinic for Los Caicos Church near Pedro Santana in the Dominican Republic.

Made 11 trips to the Appalachian area of Grundy, Va. to supply 4,000 pounds of food for the Rocklick Food Pantry per trip, in addition to supporting their Annual Holiday Drive with toys and other gifts.

Supplied clothing and housewares for villages in the Elkins, West Virginia area.

Supported families in the local community with distributions of items such as wheelchairs, commodes, walkers, shower chairs, and consumable supplies such as adult diapers, pads and other items.

Outreach projects linked Medical Missionaries with many groups including the Nativity Parish, Seton High School, Pennington Traditional School, Food Rescue, GeorgeTown South, SERVE, Virginia Run Community.

Fundraising Appeals: Caring Hearts Online Auction, Superbowl Squares, Windy Knolls Farm Friends Day, Annual Appeal Campaign, Endowment Campaign.

Published monthly newsletters for our supporters and articles in local magazines.

Met with local clubs such as Rotary and Lions and Virginia Churches such as Wesley Chapel and St. John’s Methodist.

Maintained our social presence on our website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts.

We acknowledge and value the time, energy, passion, donations, and financial support extended by our donors and volunteers. At Medical Missionaries, we commend our volunteers for their steadfast services to communities, utilizing their examples to inspire both young and adult individuals toward volunteerism.

Since its establishment 26 years ago, Medical Missionaries has engaged with over 200 volunteers, contributing to our projects both locally and globally. This dedicated team undertakes diverse responsibilities, including travel to Haiti and other countries, social media management, design of marketing materials, organization of fundraisers, packing of boxes/trucks/containers, coordination of food donations, public speaking about Medical Missionaries in the community, and more.

The collaborative effort is inherently rewarding as we work together for those in need, with each day presenting unique opportunities. We express gratitude to every volunteer who has been part of our journey and anticipate continued collaboration in the years ahead.

Thank You

Support Medical Missionaries mission of helping the poorest of the poor.

You can help Medical Missionaries by donating money, donating supplies or volunteeringMany hands make light work. We thank you for your support!

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