Mission Trips and Disaster Relief

Mission Trips

Medical Missionaries organizes and sponsors a variety of trips including medical, surgical, dental, educational and construction/maintenance to places that need their services in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, and occasionally to Asia, Africa, and other parts of Latin America and the Caribbean. The teams work with local doctors and nurses, treat patients, and help the local medical staff establish or improve medical facilities and care in the needy areas.

St. Joseph Clinic, Thomassique, Haiti

A key project for Medical Missionaries has been the building and support of a model clinic (hospital) in Thomassique, Haiti.  The clinic incorporates all the other functions of Medical Missionaries (medicine, medical equipment, medical supplies, education, and medical team visits) and serves as a model of what is possible in the most needy of areas, given continuity and sustained commitment.

The clinic has become a multi-faceted health center for the region.  In addition to treating health problems, staff of the clinic and Medical Missionaries volunteers have begun to address some of the underlying causes of health problems such as malnutrition, contaminated water, poor housing, and the lack of clothing and shoes.

Disaster Relief

Medical Missionaries responds to Disaster Relief needs throughout the world.  In recent years, Medical Missionaries has sent aid to those affected by floods and hurricanes in the states of West Virginia, Louisiana, Texas and Florida in the USA The organization has also sent disaster relief supplies to the Philippines.