Medical Missionaries January 2019

Hello 2019...looking back on a successful 2018!

2019 marks the 22nd year of operations for Medical Missionaries. Our 2018 efforts included aid and disaster relief in the USA, aid sent internationally, and our work in rural Haiti where we built and operate a Clinic that provides medical care to a region of over 125,000 residents who would otherwise have little or no access to medical care. As we look forward to accomplishing more this year, click here to read more about all that was achieved last year thanks to our volunteers, donors, partnerships, and other supporters.

Trailer delivering supplies

Have Trailer, Will Travel..

Did you know that we regularly deliver supplies to those in need in the USA? Dr. Gil Irwin, Founder and President of Medical Missionaries, piloted this trailer and visited many parts of the US last year. In December 2018, Dr. Irwin delivered 4,000 pounds of food to the poor in Southern Virginia. The food was delivered to a distribution center in Buchanan County, the poorest county in the State. The food was made available just in time for Christmas. We thank all our volunteers and supporters who helped make the holidays a little brighter for many people. Earlier in the year, Dr.Irwin drove a truckload and trailer of hurricane relief supplies to Lumberton, North Carolina. The supplies included food, clothing, furniture, hygiene supplies, and cleaning supplies. They were delivered to the local hurricane relief organization, for distribution to very thankful local residents. Last summer, Dr. Irwin completed a cross-country trip, visiting Indian reservations in Montana, South Dakota, and Alaska. He delivered quantities of new clothing (sweaters, T-shirts, sweatshirts, pants); sporting goods; school supplies; and soap and toothpaste kits. His deliveries helped Cheyenne, Crow, and Lakota Sioux students to name a few.

Supporting the Rahma Relief Team.

Syria Aid

Medical Missionaries was asked by the Rahma Relief Foundation of Detroit, Mi for help in filling a container bound for Yemen and Syria. Many health related items such as hospital beds, exam tables, oxygen concentrator, wheelchairs, walkers, scales, heart monitors, dressings, blood pressure cuffs and other patient care items as well as clothing and shoes were included. This is another example of Medical Missionaries making an impact in the parts of our world where the needs are great.

Chair for Chili Pima

Chair for Chili Pima

This is the story of a young girl, Karina, or Chili Pima (small pepper) as she is fondly known. One of our past Medical Missionaries fellows, Lacey, discovered Chili on one of her runs in the countryside of Haiti. Chili’s parents had died, and her living conditions were not great. Chili has cerebral palsy, and Haiti can be a cruel place for someone with special needs. Lacey began to care for Chili and check on her regularly. When Lacey’s time in Haiti was complete, she asked two of the new fellows, Betta and Lexy, to watch over Chili. Betta and Lexy did just that, making sure that Chili was clothed, fed, loved and cared for. When one of our construction volunteers, Mark Gatterdam, visited last year, he was asked by Betta to construct a custom chair for Chili. Chili is so small and sits uncomfortably in any standard type chair, which results in her being excluded from many normal social interactions. Mark, Betta, pediatrician Dr. Randall, and a few others visited Chili’s home to check in on her and measure her for the chair. Mark was able to complete the chair for Chili during his trip. This picture shows Chili with Mark at the clinic enjoying her custom made chair. Her story has an even happier ending. Betta and Lexy helped find Chili a spot in a residential school for children with special needs in Port au Prince where she now receives excellent care on a full time basis. We are so grateful for our incredibly talented and giving volunteers and fellows, and this story is a wonderful example of how they are making a difference in the lives of others.

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